Kwing Herrero

Hi, I’m Kwing

I help the overworked and overpaid unlock multiple income streams and enjoy life better.

My Affiliations

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I have been a USANA Independent Distributor since 2011 and part of community of entrepreneurs called XTRM1-11. I am currently expanding my business locally and internationally.

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I help small brands, start-up companies, and small businesses set up their website and increase brand awareness. 

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I am running a passion project named Bidyo Geyms. Its goal is to compile all the video games on all platforms and become the ‘NetFlix of video games’

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Me and my family love the white cheddar of Taters so much, so we decided to take part as a reseller and share it to many and do it as a side business.

about me

Just an Average Guy with Big Dreams

My name is Kwing, and I’m the person behind this website. My entrepreneurial journey began in 2011. My experience was challenging. I had a lot of trials, failures, heartbreaks, and costly mistakes. But through clarity of goals, persistence, hard work, and commitment, I grew my business locally and internationally, and I gained wisdom and experience. 

I am also expanding my knowledge through continuous learning, keeping my mind open to different ideas and approaches to become more efficient and productive. By testing other ideas and concepts, I am making myself a guinea pig to see if this works, and I plan to share these experiences with you. That way, you will save lots of time avoiding the pitfalls you might encounter. 

By visiting my website, you will see content related to the following topics: 

  • The Direct Selling company I’m affiliated with, USANA Health Sciences.
  • Running an online business effectively.
  • Entrepreneurial hacks.
  • Business ideas and approach that will help you increase your income streams. 

 I hope you find value in the articles and positively impact your life!



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Business Expansion

USANA Products & Opportunity Walkthrough

Have you experienced attending a USANA meeting? You were impressed with the company, products, and business plan, but suddenly you felt turned off because they were unprofessional in delivering the presentation about the opportunity?

You will find a no-hype, no BS, purely educational, and no commitment type of experience here.