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Meet Kwing

Fame and glory has been the main trendsetter as a measure of success nowadays. But for some extraordinary people, mere success without significance is a total failure. The significant impact that one has left in his entire lifetime is still what matters most.

From a typical guy at school who was known as a happy-go-lucky student who did not take his studies seriously to a 6-digit income earner, Jonathan Noel C. Herrero or commonly known as Kwing Herrero, has made a huge leap of faith in his career. Find out how he can add significant value to you and change your life for the better.

“Success without significance is a failure.”

Family Man

Kwing is a guy in early 30’s and is happily married to his wife Rizza. Their eldest son, Miggy, treats his dad as his “best friend.”

Kwing is a graduate of BS Information Technology in Mapua Institute of Technology and his passion is about web design and development.

Aside from being a full time dad, Kwing dedicates his time contributing to his business and affiliation, XTRM1-11 & USANA as well as growing their IT company which is InfiniteMedia Corporation.

Kwing’s Backstory

Right before the Christmas eve of 1985, Kwing was born in Pasig to a family of very hard working parents. Kwing’s father is a former OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) who worked as a Mechanical Engineer in the Middle East but later on he retired and is now operating their Transport Business. On the other hand, Kwing’s mother is a Certified Public Accountant and a professor in Rizal Technological University. Kwing is the middle child of the three children in the family. And they were taught the principle of hard work since they were little.

Kwing was a typical person who used to fail his subjects during high school and college. He is fond of playing computer games and does not get bothered when he was being bullied at school. He used to join his friends in their drinking sessions and does not really care about his life in the future. He used to live in the moment. Until one day when he landed on a job, Kwing finally thought that he would get rich. But seven years passed, still nothing happened to Kwing except the debts that piled up.  Kwing did everything to make all the ends meet but he still ended up stuck in the so-called “rat race”. However, everything changed when he met an opportunity that opened him to doors of unlimited possibilities. He became a changed and renewed man since then.

The Great Leap

From an ordinary employee, Kwing took the great leap and chose the path less traveled by men. He took the risk of starting up his own business. Fortunately, this business is on an extraordinary level with ground-breaking research and cutting-edge scientific technology. This is a US-based company that mainly manufactures the highest-rated cellular nutrition in the world, and this company is widely known as USANA.


Prior to starting this business, Kwing was actually in deep debt and yet he still had the guts to resign from his job. He was sick and tired of being sick and tired of getting stuck in the rat race. Now when he saw the opportunity that USANA has offered right before his naked eyes, he was not one of those who fully understood the presentation. He was actually with those who were too pessimistic but still thought of why not trying out if the business works.

Today, Kwing Herrero thanks his old self for taking that big risk of adding up more debts on his credit card by swiping his initial inventory for his USANA business because that decision has totally changed his life and shaped him to who he is right now – a Gold Director of the company and a brand ambassador of Technomarine and Apple, and a Carsenal member of XTRM 1-11 with so much more to offer as a father, business coach, and leader.

Kwing the Super Dad

As an entrepreneur, Kwing appreciates the time freedom that he could get now that he is his own boss. In his previous job, he would spend so much time to work as hard as he could just to compensate their needs and to pay the bills and their piled up debts. Thankfully, Kwing does not have to deal with being a partial absentee father to his son because he can manage his own time. Kwing is a master of time management because he believes that time management is life management. He knows that his son deserves the utmost attention from both his dad and mom.  That is why he really takes time to bring him to school or take him out on a fun date! This is one of the perks he could enjoy by being a USANA Independent Associate – no boss, you manage your own time.

Kwing the Entrepreneur & the Business Leader

Being an ordinary employee to an innovative entrepreneur and business leader, Kwing has gone through various trainings and first-hand experiences of how to become an effective key player in this industry. From the moment he started to fully engage in this business, Kwing never settled for less. He keeps on adding value to himself by chasing the learning from the trainings and seminars he has attended locally and internationally.

His mind was opened to the infinite possibilities of getting rich. Kwing learned the importance of having time and financial freedom and to enjoy life while he and his parents and his own family are still enjoying the gift of good health. As an entrepreneurial leader, Kwing also learned to think big. He is more inclined in developing a positive mindset and lead people with this optimistic outlook in life. Kwing changed 180 degrees and even his friends were surprised at how much he has changed. What they did not know is that Kwing’s primary goal from the very beginning is really to change and grow as a better person and entrepreneurial leader of today.

Kwing the Innovative Visionary Leader

With the right motivation, Kwing can do whatever he can to reach his goals and leave a great impact. Kwing is pumped up to win his game especially when he is challenged and someone tells him he cannot accomplish a task – particularly when his wife says it. But when Kwing is decided, he gets easily excited and he believes he can achieve what he has set as a goal.

Kwing has been blessed with a rich mindset that he visualizes himself to be featured as the first ever Filipino to become a 7-figure dollar income earner in a year by 2020. He aims to be a role model for struggling and hustling entrepreneurs that it is really possible to make your dreams come true even for an average person like Kwing. And ultimately, Kwing’s vision is to become a billionaire by age of 40.

From Average to Extra Ordinary

Yes, the ordinary guy could actually become extraordinary by a quick snap just because of a decision he took that change his life. Yes, Kwing dares to dream big because he is not afraid to fail and is taking charge of his life head on. If you are sick and tired of getting stuck in the rat race and getting shackled by the 8-5 routine, then Kwing is the perfect guy to help you rebuild and to begin.

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