Affiliate Disclosure

Hey! Kwing Herrero here. I believe I should be transparent, so I share that I’ve included certain products on my website that Kwing will earn an affiliate commission for any purchases.

My goal with my website,, is to grow it by adding value through my posts and recommending some programs and applications that I believe are helpful in any way possible. Please be advised that I intend to earn revenue and profit from my website.

What is an “affiliate commission”?

An affiliate commission means I put links on the products, apps, and items I recommend. If you click on one of the links on my website and purchase the item(s), I will get a small commission for driving a sale to the company at no additional cost to you. These commissions help me pay for the website’s operating expenses like domain and hosting costs, upgrading security, purchasing other plugins, making the website better, creating content, etc. In addition, I treat my wife and kids once in a while. 

My website is currently growing, and I am now adding new products and programs that I believe will be helpful in any way to you. These products and services that I recommend are those that I have investigated, and I think they can add value to you, my readers. Please assume that any links leading you to products or services are affiliate links that Kwing Herrero will receive compensation for to be safe.

The most important thing to me is my trust in you, my audience. If I recommend something because I’m biased or lazy, and it’s a bad recommendation, readers like you wouldn’t support my work.

I believe that if I become biased or lazy with doing investigations and research about the products I recommend, it will result in a wrong purchase and experience for you. This experience will violate your trust in me, and it will also affect me. So the most important thing to me is your trust. 

Affiliate links are disclosed following the Federal Trade Commission’s standards.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.