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Checked Off One on my Bucket List this 2021 – Haircut!4 min read

Last 2020 I decided to grow my hair because me and my wife were curious on how it would look like if I grow my hair. Medyo hindi ko trip hahaha! Here are some of the long hair moments this 2020. I’m sure hindi ko na ulit uulitin ‘to! Hahaha!

I just completed one goal on my bucket list which is to have a haircut! This should have been completed last Sunday but it was raining hard and yesterday we went for grocery.

Long hair days

I felt that wasn’t me. I grew my hair just for curiosity and to give in to wifey’s request but now after doing it, I feel my full confidence is back. Didn’t know such thing exists and it affects ourselves pala no? Majority of my friends tell me I look better on short hair and I believe they are right in that aspect lol!

Go get your goals – no matter how big, small or silly it may seem. As long as you’re enjoying and growing, then that’s okay! 🙂

Happy new year guys!

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