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Finished Reading these Two Books in a Day2 min read

Finished these two books in a day (The Abundance Formula and Turtle Always Wins.) Nabasa ko na sila before but there’s a magic in re-reading a book, you’ll learn more and realize more because you can relate your experience and mapapa – “oo nga pala” ka nang maraming beses.

Will be reading and finishing the two books on the right naman tomorrow and then process. I’ll be focusing my cashflow to investing more of my profits in the long run and our ladder of success. 🙏🏼😁

Since when did you started liking to read books?

My friends from high school and college knows me that I hate reading. First page pa lang ang io-open, inaantok na ako dati. During college, we wasted a fortune buying books na 500+ pages since we only have 3 months to study. Literally I have books na hindi ko man lang na-open.

It started way back 2011 when I became an entrepreneur. I started reading Rich Dad Poor Dad book by Robert Kiyosaki and I got hooked with the topic. Since then my love in book reading started and everytime I drop by at National Book Store or Powerbooks, I won’t go out without buying one. I always tell myself “surprise me” and true enough, I always get value from the books that I buy. I’m also proud that I have read 90% of my book collection. 😀

My mini library. Pardon the Technomarine box my daughter made it a coloring board hehehe!

Afterwards, I also downloaded audiobooks and audio clips from authors and I listen to them as I drive – I learned from Brian Tracy that you can make your car a learning library and it will greatly help you improve yourself when you do it.

I have grown my library too. I also heard from Darren Hardy that your house will adjust to your library. That’s why I keep on growing my collection and I read books from time to time. A few weeks ago, I added new collections to my library.

Trust me, wala kang talo kapag nagbasa ka ng libro. I personally and sincerely believe it is still better than browsing quotes from social media. I encourage you to start reading books because it will yield so many opportunities for you when you put time in investing in yourself. 🙂

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