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I’m going for lifestyle blog vs niche blog2 min read

In the past few days I posted another blog about my redesigning plans. I’ve been studying how to redesign my website. In the process I’ve watched tons of tutorials about finding a niche, defining personal branding, how to’s, etc. I also checked other websites of the YouTubers that I watched, taking down notes, and so on.

And you know what? I got more confused haha! I think I got victimized by analysis-paralysis and since I’ve consumed too much info and point of view from people who have results, the ideas and concepts got mixed and I literally froze because I got confused and got scared for the track I may pursue might be wrong. 😅

These videos have cleared my thoughts. Thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk for clarifying.😄

And this one by Dan Lok. He explained and simplified how to create personal branding.

My conclusion: I will be focusing to create contents with few topics that I really liked and doing so far because I love these things that I am doing and I believe I can create more contents long term.😄

This thrust may have some cons and may hurt SEO for not being focused but its okay, I have some workarounds and solutions to those concerns later.

Are you also planning to create your own website? This strategy might not work out for you so I encourage you to do the same thing as well. 😄

Since I’ve decided on what path to take, I’ve got tons of contents and things to do so gonna get my hands dirty lol!

Cheering you on! Happy new year to you and I look forward to seeing you rocking 2022!

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