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Just Expanded my Business in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan for FREE!3 min read

Just today, I decided to branch out, expand my business in Kyoto Prefecture in Japan and I did it for FREE! Am I reading it right? Yes, FREE. So amazed with the technology nowadays because we can do a lot of awesome stuff that we cannot do a few decade ago. This literally is just awesome! šŸ˜‰

Kyoto prefecture, Japan
Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

How did I do that?

I have a friend and a business partner that is previously based in PH that recently transferred to Japan. I reached out to her and suggested that we continue where we left off but this time, she transfer her account to Japan.

How Come it is FREE?

It’s simple. My friend Chariss already has an account here in Philippines. Since Japan is a country that is covered by our company, USANA Health Sciences, we can expand there without any issues. I believe this is one of the perks of an international business.

Difference between our Online Business to Traditional Online Selling

As compared to traditional online selling, we are only limited to the country we live in. It would be hassle if a friend or contact from overseas because you have to deal with shipping costs, taxes and sometimes the item is being inspected and on-hold by their immigration which you need to pay additional fees.

With USANA, we’re not just limited to Japan. We can actually expand to more than 20+ countries. We also have our own website that our clients overseas can use to purchase their products. Once they finish ordering, the products will be shipped through their doorsteps with minimal fees because the products will be coming from the same country.

Too good to be true? Yes I thought it wasn’t true as well but my business has expanded in 12-13 countries already since 2011. It’s a really good business and its model of distribution is lucrative.

Bamboo forest Kyoto prefecture
Mabuti pa yung negosyo ko nakapunta nang Japan ako hindi pa lol

Anyway, please support my friend’s Facebook page. It’s a bit new so we’ll be putting more contents in here.

Curious about this awesome online business of ours? Just contact me and I can provide an quick overview of our company without any commitments of signing up nor buying any product. šŸ™‚

Thanks guys! Happy new year! šŸ™‚

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