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New Batch of PS3 Games Arrived! #birthdaygift #gamer3 min read

Finally the first batch of games that I ordered on FB Marketplace for my birthday has arrived at home!

This game Dead Space is one of the gems in PS3! Glad I was able to get a copy of this plus the old school packaging!
Dead Space 2 is also one of the awesome games in PS3. This is the continuation of the first installment Dead Space. One of the greatest as well!
Final Fantasy 13 is one of the underrated but one of the greatest games in PS3. It wasn’t remastered in PS4 but its graphics are superb and is very close to a PS4!

Second batch is now in LBC and will be arriving either today or tomorrow. So excited for my second batch of PS3 games to arrive!

Gaming is one of my favorite hobbies since childhood and I stopped playing since 2012 because back then I decided to focus on building my business and grind as an entrepreneur so most of my time was dedicated on establishing my business. Now thankfully it was earning on autopilot and I have more time to do the things that I love including playing and finishing these backlogs.

Take noted these games are already semi-classic but worth collecting nowadays!

How about you? What hobby or activity did you put off for ages because you need to prioritize something? Type in the comments section below.

Btw I also record no-commentary game plays on both YouTube and Facebook. Maybe you’re interested in checking out how I play lol! Follow / Like me on Facebook:

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