Kwing Herrero

Hi My Name is Kwing
Hello my name is Kwing
I help people automate their income through online business and digital marketing.
Hi My Name is Kwing
my mission as entrepreneur
My Mission as entrepreneur
I help start-up entrepreneurs build and grow their business until they reach the passive income stage and free up more time to do the things they love and wanted.
my mission as entrepreneur
I design and develop websites
I design and develop websites
I have more than a decade of experience web & multimedia. During my experience, I was involved and & participated in more than 500 projects
I design and develop websites
I'm a gamer and content creator
I'm a gamer & content creator
I have been playing video games since I was a kid. Today I play, create contents & upload it on my Facebook Page & YouTube Channel
I'm a gamer and content creator
Collaborate with me?
Do you have an idea and/or concept and you wish to collaborate? Please feel free to reach out to me & I'll be glad to keep in touch!
Collaborate with me?
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What I Do

With so many things that you can do in life, these are the activities I’m happily engaged with.

Web Design & Development

I have 14+ solid years of experience and completed, involved with more than 500 web design / dev't projects. This is what I love doing.

Everytime I see a website, the first thing I do is #ViewSource.

Full Time Daddy & Hubby

A dad is someone to look up to, no matter how tall you grow.

I'm happy to share that I am a full-time dad to my two kids, Miggy & Ellie

Global Distribution Business

I am actively engaged in my online business. Through this I have unlocked the power of passive income.

Right now, I am growing it to further exceed our daily expenses and teaching people unlock passive income as well.


I love playing console games as past time. I do record my game plays in my YouTube channel so that I can show to my kids how cool their daddy was in terms of playing.

Visit my YouTube channel:

My Mission

To help the overworked and underpaid unlock their passive income and free up their time to do the things they love.

Track Record

I was just a typical guy like everybody else but I believe what’s different about me is that I dream big and take action on my dreams everyday. Our small decisions today could literally change our lives later on.

11 Reasons to Work with Kwing

Nowadays many amateurs call themselves “expert” but in my humble opinion, nothing beats hard-work and wisdom gained from experience. Here are the 11 reasons why you should work with Kwing.


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