Kwing Herrero

Do you dream of:

and many more?

Kwing is on a Mission.

I am on lookout for the next person who wish to be successful and want to automate their income. Those who are so sick and tired of being sick and tired and wants to change their lives for the better.

If you think this is you, then send me a message and I’ll reply to you as soon as I can.

2011: I was broke, unemployed and in huge debt

The Year that Changed My Life

 I was introduced to this business opportunity. I was a skeptic at first but thankfully I gave it a try. 9 years have passed, it was hard because I have 0 experience running a business but I was grateful to my team, XTRM1-11 for guiding me and teaching me the basics.

Sometimes the smallest decisions in your life can make a huge impact in your future. I am glad I did. Now I am enjoying more time with my family.

Have a Question?


Here are the most common inquiries, please read first.

Please be advised that this is not a job. This is a sideline business that lets you earn small at first but can grow eventually and a possibility of turning it to passive / leveraged income. Resume, fixed salary and fixed rate per hour is not applicable.

You mean the recruit recruit, get-rich-quick, pyramiding or something like turn your 2,000 into 20,000 in 3 weeks? Nah. If that’s what you’re looking for then sorry, you are in the wrong website.

This is a legitimate distribution business that is registered in Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). Like you I despise those scammers who take advantage of other people’s intention to have a better quality of life.

None, this is FREE TO CHECK meaning you can check and see the business model I’m working with. If you think this is feasible with you then we can proceed with the next steps. If you feel it isn’t your line then you can freely decline and no worries on my end.

As long as you are legally allowed by law to work (at least 18 years old), have big dreams, willing to be coached and guided, I can help you start your business on the side. Training is provided and allows you to earn as you learn.

Yes definitely! 🙂 We can arrange an online meeting to discuss the details to you and answer your questions. We can discuss things at the comfort of your home.

Right now I am working on recorded video which you can view and replay anytime, anywhere, on your most convenient time.

Yes, definitely! We can plan and set a schedule that fits your preference.

Join the Movement


Flexible and self-directed workweek. You set your hours. You control your success.


No commute or rush-hour traffic. Live and work wherever you want—your business moves with you.


No experience required. Training is provided and allows you to earn as you learn.


Improve the quality of people's lives by sharing products and a business opportunity that can help them achieve their dreams.


You are paid what you're worth. You decide how much you earn.


Your life is your schedule. Work when you want and how much you want, part time or full time.