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Photo at Pico de Loro last 2023

I’m finally back to blogging + 2024 Updates!

Hey guys! How are you doing? It has been quite some time since you heard from me (or read) about my blog post! Things were so busy, and there was also lots of stuff that happened in the past few years in our lives, and now I decided to come back and write and share ... Read more

Hello world 2020 from my website!

The year 2020 is already here, so many resolutions and lot of people are excited for the year. I too have set my plans for 2020 and of course it also includes bringing my website to the next level. Here are some of my plans: Define a goal for my website for 2020 – last ... Read more
Kwing riding on his car, bullet - background

Hello guys! Finally my website is up!

After so many hours, days and months of planning and aim aim aim without shooting, I finally was able to build my very own website! If I am creating one for client it seemed very easy for me to create one but I guess every web designer / developer knows what I am talking about. ... Read more