Hello world 2020 from my website!

The year 2020 is already here, so many resolutions and lot of people are excited for the year. I too have set my plans for 2020 and of course it also includes bringing my website to the next level. Here are some of my plans:

Anyare sa 2019? Nganga na lang? 😀
  • Define a goal for my website for 2020 – last year I did not pay attention to site visits, conversion of viewers to customers, etc so then I get nothing too. This time I will track its progress and maximize this amazing platform.
  • Add Campaigns – I have few big projects in mind and I wish to put it here as well.
  • Redesign of some of the website – even though some say it’s pretty and nicely designed, I wish to explore more and redesign it to a different layout. Ewan ko ba hahaha!
  • Put more blog posts – since I launched my website last year. I only have two blog posts… The laziness has won over me but this year it will be different. I will also add more posts in here equal to the contents I create with my social media accounts.
  • Cater on specific topics – I have finalized the topics I want to focus and deliver to the future readers, these topics are:
    • family
    • business / entrepreneurship
    • leadership
    • games. PS4 and Switch
    • health and fitness
    • programming & development
    • books and personal development
    • realizations
    • life / productivity hacks

This might violate a certain principle of having a niche but I wish to cover different subjects

  • Dive on interactive content like video, GIFs and cartoon animations and other visually engaging contents not only photos
  • Add an email subscription list – so that I can provide contents on people who wish to receive more of what I offer.

So in summary, I will be putting heavy emphasis on providing contents using my website and I will put all that I have learned so far in this one. So exciting things are happening!

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