I’m finally back to blogging + 2024 Updates!

Hey guys! How are you doing? It has been quite some time since you heard from me (or read) about my blog post! Things were so busy, and there was also lots of stuff that happened in the past few years in our lives, and now I decided to come back and write and share my 2024 updates on my website! 

After pushing this task off for so long, I finally decided to redesign my website! I’m now changing the theme into something more informative and blog-based (and not into fancy designs too much). I will create a separate page for those. 😁

I thought it would be easy, but the pages that were built in the past are a mess. Good thing my site doesn’t have traffic (lol!) so I can make changes while I publish more content here.

I will be writing and covering some topics here. Of course, it can change anytime, lol!

Expect these topics:

  • Entrepreneurial tips that I gained from becoming an independent Usana distributor.
  • Some websites that I designed and developed
  • Gym stuff and becoming fit and healthy
  • My learnings and realizations from the books that I read, as well as my day-to-day life experiences.
  • Updates on my blogging and passion project, Bidyo Geyms
  • My other projects this 2024. Right now it’s a secret hehe!
  • And many other things that I feel other visitors to my website might gain value from.

I know everyone’s busy and trying to get on with their lives, but I hope you can gain value from the things that I will be writing.

photo of me after working out at the gym
photo of me after working out at the gym

To those who don’t know me. You can read my story and get to know a little about me hehe!

And there’s the 2024 updates from me! I look forward to see you here! Let’s make 2024 amazing!

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