How to Sign Up as a USANA Preferred Customer

USANA products are top quality, and I believe these must be experienced by everyone. And for that to happen, we need to make USANA products more affordable to our clients. One efficient approach is to guide them to get an account and sign up as a USANA Preferred customer. But before anything else. I researched and asked our regular customers, and here are some common concerns that they encountered. Please see the list below.

Common Concerns Clients Encounter When Buying USANA Products:

  • The client wants to resell the products to your family, friends, and relatives. However, the distributor you regularly order charges so high on their products.
  • The products they order from the distributor take too long to arrive.
  • The distributor does not have stock on hand.
  • The distributor they know stopped distributing USANA products.
  • The client is tempted to shop at sites like Lazada, Shopee, Amazon, eBay, etc. for lower prices but risk the quality of the products (DON’T DO THIS – this is very risky, and the legitimate USANA distributors don’t sell at these websites) 
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These are typical concerns of clients; most of these can be solved by signing up as a preferred customer. So, congratulations on becoming a PC of USANA to enjoy the lifetime discounts, plus an additional 10% discount on auto orders and many more! Here is a step-by-step guide to signing up as a USANA Preferred Customer. I also added some screenshots for you to follow the process quickly.

Click on the link given by your contact or if you found this through research, you can use this link to sign up

Once you click on the link, choose Preferred Consultant and the country you reside.

Sign Up as a USANA Preferred Customer or Distributor choice

What is the Difference Between a USANA Distributor and a Preferred Consultant? 

Both accounts allows you to purchase USANA products at a discounted rate and an additional 10% discount through auto orders. In addition, the distributor account will enable you to earn and participate in the USANA’s compensation plan. 

Pick any product that you wish to purchase. You may choose from the list of products. Please note that different markets/countries have products available. Once finished selecting the orders, press the Continue button.

Usana shopping cart products list
Usana shop online add to cart

You will see a prompt that says Welcome to Auto Order. You can set up your auto order today so that you will get a 10% discount on your next order. Setting up the Auto order is optional, but I recommend you press the button Not Right Now because we will set it up later. 

USANA Preferred Customer enrollment - auto order prompt

You will be redirected to the next page, where you will fill in your information. These are the required information you need to enter into the system.

Full Name
Email Address
Mobile Number

Your USANA Username and password
Confirm password

Usana Preferred customer enrollment information

Please note that for Filipino residents, you should start with the number 917XXXXXXX and encode it without spaces on the mobile number. A primary phone is required, and a secondary phone is optional. The checkboxes under the phone entry are also optional. 

Usana preferred customer enrollment bottom part

Once you are done entering your details, take one more look to ensure the details are correct, and then click the button Continue.

If there are errors with the input, the system will prompt, and if there are no errors with your details, you will move to the next page. You will also see your username and your Distributor ID. Make sure you note this or take a screenshot so you won’t forget because this ID will be used to purchase later on. 

Learning so far? We are now halfway on the steps to sign up as a USANA Preferred Customer.

learning GIF from Giphy
Learning GIF from Giphy
Your username and new USANA preferred customer ID

You will also see the shipping address. You can select the following:

  • Your address and have the products shipped to your house
  • Pick up at the USANA office located in The Enterprise Center, Makati
  • Pick up at the USANA office located in Cebu or Davao
  • Enter a new address. 

Please note that the delivery fee was PHP 150 or 1.5% of total products. This delivery / shipping fees apply to the Philippine market only.

For the payment methods, there are a few exciting and convenient options. 

USANA Payment Methods for Philippine Market:

  • Pay with a new card – USANA allows you to purchase products through a Debit card or Credit Card. In the Philippine market, they allow Mastercard and visa type of cards only
  • Bank Payment System – this is the over-the-counter payment available in Unionbank Branches. You can check the blow post, How to purchase USANA products and pay via Bank Payment System (BPS)
  • 2C2P payment – this payment type enables you to pay using GCash, GrabPay, or via Palawan Express, LBC, and other options. 
Usana preferred customer enrollment - payment methods

Once you have selected your preferred payment, press the button Continue. Or, if you have some adjustments or corrections, click the Previous button. 

Next is Review and Confirm Your Order. You will see the shipping details, payment method, the items on your cart, and the total amount on this page. If there are corrections or you wish to change details, click the Change button on the top right section.

You can also check the checkbox labeled Do not show prices on shipping invoices – this is recommended if you are buying for a client and don’t want them to see the breakdown of the purchase. Or if you’re purchasing this as a gift to your family, friend, loved one, or client, you can use this feature. 

If you need to change an entry on the previous page (Shipping and Payment page), click the Previous button.

If you are unsure and think you missed out on something important, you can click the Start Over button.

Once done and everything is good. Finally, you can click the Finish Order button. 

Usana preferred customer enrollment - review and confirm order

Then you will see the Order Confirmation Page. If you selected the Payment method Pay with New Card (or existing), the system would immediately process the purchase. However, for the process to proceed smoothly, please make sure that your debit or credit card must:

  • allow online transactions – this is an added security layer of banks and financial institutions. In addition, they implemented a security feature where they block online purchases. 
  • have a sufficient balance.

If issues with the purchase occur, call your bank to authorize USANA, log in to your account and shop online. You won’t be able to repeat this step because the system has generated an account for you to use or make sure your payments have reflected and freed up your credit card allowable purchase amount. If you cannot log in to the system using the credentials you got from enrolling, you may call the USANA customer service to reset the enrollment process.

Usana preferred customer enrollment - order confirmation

If you select 2C2P, the system will open another tab and see a screen similar to the image below. You can choose to pay via GCash, GrabPay, Over the Counter, or Bank Channels. I prefer using GrabPay because you will also gain points by purchasing USANA products. 

Usana preferred customer enrollment - 2c2p payment

You will also receive a notification email immediately. The email also contains links where you can continue purchasing your products.

Usana order confirmation

And that’s it! To Sign up as a USANA Preferred Customer is easy. Now you can enjoy and experience optimal health offered by USANA products. 

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