5 Reasons Why You Should Start USANA Business this 2022

The year 2021 is finally over, and we’re now welcoming 2022. Most people have their new year’s resolutions ready, and some are considering if starting USANA business is a good move for them.

Here are the five reasons why starting your USANA business is a good move:

1. The Company is Growing Despite the Volatility in the Economy

The pandemic in December 2019 crippled many industries affected, and businesses closed down. However, USANA adjusted and took the situation as an opportunity to grow. Here’s the summary of their Q3 2021 report. The Q4 isn’t out yet as of writing this blog post.

Usana Health Sciences Q3 Report

You can see the full report by clicking on the Usana Health Sciences Investor Relations page.

The report stated above is a good sign that the company is still growing. With my hard-earned money, the company won’t be closing down anytime soon. See the video below for one minute summary of this incredible company.

2. The USANA Product Quality is Already Well-Known to Many

There’s no doubt that the quality of USANA is world-class, and we’re very fortunate that this is available in our country, the Philippines. The only objection people would have is the price is costly compared to other brands, which I believe needs to provide more information about the actual value.

The USANA quality is also a good sign to start because one of the main ingredients in a thriving business is to have a solid product quality that people would buy.

3. Availability of the Business Internationally

One of the main challenges of having a small business is its geography. Although we are visible online, we can deliver to specific locations, and transacting overseas is very costly. If you are a Usana Distributor, you can expand to more than 20 countries much easier. Consider this example:

I live in the Philippines, and I have an aunt living somewhere in Saskatchewan, Canada. So I reached out to her online and shared the Usana products, and she got interested. So I sent the link to her, pointing to my website (a free website tool provided by the company), and she signed up and bought some supplements for her daily use. Then, USANA delivered the products coming from the nearest office where my aunt lives, and she received her vitamins in a couple of days. 

Amazing right? I don’t have to experience the hassle of delivering the products from the Philippines to Canada. Imagine the factors to consider, the shipping fees, the possibility of the products being interrupted by the customs, etc., if USANA opportunity does not offer a feature like this. Check the list below.

What Countries Does USANA Health Sciences Operate?

United StatesFranceHong KongIndonesia
MexicoGermanySouth KoreaSingapore
United KingdomRomaniaNew Zealand 
List of countries USANA Health Sciences operates

These are the countries you can utilize if you starting your USANA business. If you live or know someone living in these countries, you can expand by reaching out to them. Notable, isn’t it? 🙂

4. The Company Offers Exceptional Global Customer and Distributor Support

Last month I tried enrolling a friend based in Japan. However, her online purchase didn’t reflect on the system after a few days. Since I didn’t know how to read Japanese characters, I reached out and emailed our customer service based in Japan, and they took action immediately. We fixed the issue, and my friend received her products in just a few days!

As a preferred customer, my friend gets discounts on all Usana products for life! If you wish to get deals, you can find more details here (this is a link to my Usana enrollment)

Starting your USANA business lets you expand internationally. This photo of USANA supplements that my friend located in Japan has ordered.

Imagine I’m an independent distributor in the Philippines, and my friend’s concern happened in Japan market. Regardless of my location, the USANA Customer Support still assisted us in our purchase and helped my friend receive her orders. I find it very impressive, and I believe this is one of the signs I am looking for in a company – they offer global support in any way they can. They left me with the impression that they sincerely wanted every distributor to succeed.

Customer service photo from Pexels.com
stock photo from pexels.com

5. Exciting and Exceptional Perks and Contests this Year, 2022!

The pandemic has restricted us from traveling and exploring other countries, but we are very optimistic that this year’s travel will be open to all. One exciting contest for the Philippine market this 2022 is the Team Up Step Up, which lets you get a free trip to South Korea for up to six! As Filipinos are huge fans of KDrama series and movies, many will grind and qualify for this incentive!

Starting your USANA business allows you to participate in the company's travel program named Team UP Step UP in South Korea.

There are still plenty of reasons, but I believe these are some significant reasons it is fantastic to start this business. If you haven’t checked USANA, I have prepared an online tour that lets you discover the company, products, and compensation plan online. 

If you wish to partner with me, click on the link (this is my Usana enrollment link) to either sign up as a preferred customer or an independent distributor.

I hope you find value in this blog post and you are ready in starting your USANA business.

Wishing you a prosperous new year, and may you rock 2022 by starting strong!

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