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Elite Bonus Recipients Announced!

The Top 65 associates around the world has been announced! They are the very few associates who are recipients of the awesome Elite Bonus by USANA! I was just blown away with the amount that our company, USANA Health Sciences has distributed! It truly was life-changing! Take a look and be inspired! Laki no? Imagine ... Read more

Why did I Choose Direct Selling Business Model Instead of IT-Related Business?

After graduating from college at 19, I started working as a web developer. Through hard work, dedication, sacrificing rest and sleep, missed gatherings and grasping all freelance projects that I could grab, many doors have opened, which helped build my career. But after working hard for more than seven years, I needed to work harder ... Read more

Quality Time with My Son on a Monday Afternoon

Had a rescheduled business meeting ng 1pm but me and my son Miggy and made it productive by answering quizzes and mastery tests. We’ve covered a lot of his studies and he almost got perfect to his exams. ? I get to play din for an hour with this awesome game, BloodBorne and good thing ... Read more

Adding these Books to my Mini-Library

Last December, I bought games as treat for my birthday. Since I missed the time playing due to I dedicated myself in building the foundation of my business from 2011-2020, I am just catching up with collecting the PS3 and PS4 games. Of course I also love reading books that’s why I bought these and ... Read more
8 Reasons Why it is Perfect Time to Start your Business Now and Become an Entrepreneur

8 Reasons Why it is Perfect Time to Become an Entrepreneur Today

2020 has been a roller coaster ride, and so many uncertainties happened. There was a global pandemic, the stock market collapsed, jobs were gone instantly, a massive recession, and so many things happened. However, there are two things I realized concerning cash flow/income this 2020: There is no such thing as ‘secured.’  We cannot rely ... Read more

How I started as an Entrepreneur?

Some of you might be wondering how did I start? Or who I am before I become an entrepreneur. Here’s a short write up of 2005 onwards. Back when I graduated, worked as an employee and introduced to the term ‘entrepreneurship’ and onwards. In my early years I was a highly paid IT professional and ... Read more

5 Reasons why Everyone Should have a Website

Are you a freelancer, an entrepreneur or small business owner who wish to grow your brand and stand out from the crowd? I suggest you should start making your own website. Here are the 5 reasons why: You have full control of the contents that you want to put in. Unlike social media, you have ... Read more