Adding these Books to my Mini-Library

Last December, I bought games as treat for my birthday. Since I missed the time playing due to I dedicated myself in building the foundation of my business from 2011-2020, I am just catching up with collecting the PS3 and PS4 games.

Of course I also love reading books that’s why I bought these and added in my collection.

Good thing my friend is selling used books but in very very good condition. Would you believe, I got all three books for only P600. That’s a super great deal isn’t it? 😀

I can clearly recall what Darren Hardy said, “most successful people have library in their house. If you build and grow your library, your house will adjust and grow around it”

Are you a book lover ever since?

No. In fact, I don’t like to read books. I remember during college, we are required to buy a book that has around 600-700 pages and since quarter-sem in Mapua and one term only has 3 months, guess what happens to the book? I didn’t even remove the cover lol! 😀

My love for books started at 2011 when I first read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and it all began there. During that time, I drop by at National book store every week and I don’t get out of that store without buying something. The collection continued until I have grown into 200-300 books in my collection.

Its boring…

I totally agree with you there. Reading at first is really boring. I can still recall when I was young (not so long ago), I only reach the table of contents and then I stop that’s why like most people, I don’t read and finish lots of books.

What did I do to turn it around and become a habit?

Start with one paragraph per day, then you will catch a very good phrase, then later on you will improve to 1 page, 2, 3, 5 pages and eventually you’ll finish one chapter. Remember, consistency is the key.

My book collection 2015 – my son Miggy played with it and messed the stacks lol!

To those who don’t like to read a book, I highly encourage you start reading – it really helps us develop a positive and healthy mindset. And the best time for us to read is first thing in the morning when our minds are fresh and a few pages before sleeping.

Not all readers are leaders
But all leaders are readers

Harry S. Truman

To all book lovers out there, what books would you recommend? Post it in the comments section. Maybe I can add your suggestions in my collection.

Have a great Tuesday ahead everyone!

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