What do you see when you Google search your name?

Have you ever wondered what Google would display if you try Googling your name? I just got curious on what it would look like if somebody tried searching my name so I tried opening a private window on Firefox (or Incognito in Google Chrome) and this is what I saw.

Kwing Herrero on Google search result

I noticed that Google displays most of what I post online which is business. It also shows the businesses I am working with which is InfiniteMedia Corporation and Usana Health Sciences. Some videos and photos are also displayed. See the image below.

What did I learn from this?

I learned that whatever you focus on grows. If you focus on positive or negative things, it will be magnified later on. If you focus on your family, your pet, yourself, hobbies, rants, etc – it will also be displayed. Not just on Google but on your social media as well.

Before people can transact with you, they will first Google you or search your name / profile in Social media. Its like our public reflection. So make sure you refrain from posting negative or toxic comments because it will later on backfire.

Also, be very careful of what you put online like your address, phone number, email, etc. Other people with malicious intent might steal your personal information and use it to do illegal, immoral and unethical activities.

Curious on what Google will display? Try it yourself. Make sure to use Incognito or private window. Share yours in the comments section below.

My curiosity has been satisfied! Happy weekend everyone!

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