Quality Time with My Son on a Monday Afternoon

Had a rescheduled business meeting ng 1pm but me and my son Miggy and made it productive by answering quizzes and mastery tests. We’ve covered a lot of his studies and he almost got perfect to his exams. ?

I get to play din for an hour with this awesome game, BloodBorne and good thing I was able to beat this freakin’ hard boss in just my second try. On top of that I was able to record and upload it in my gaming channel on YouTube! Please subscribe lol by clicking on the link haha! 😀

Later we played sipaan ng bola but because the weather’s quite rainy, we went inside. And because Miggy has accomplished a lot of things, he has 30 minutes of playtime today.? Ops tama na sobra na hehehe! Home school mode ulit!?

To kids, LOVE is spelled as T-I-M-E

Perhaps this is one of the fruits of the decision I have made 9 years ago which is to venture entrepreneurship. We are not wealthy yet but my income has been set to autopilot and I was able to free up 12-13 hours per day and I can choose to spend it with my family.?

Now the reason I work hard and grind hard is because I am working on making my passive income exceed our family’s monthly expenses. That way I can really say we are out of the rat race. Looking forward that this 2021, I may be able to achieve it so I can finally say I can semi-retire by the age of 35.

Have a great day ahead!

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