Elite Bonus Recipients Announced!

The Top 65 associates around the world has been announced! They are the very few associates who are recipients of the awesome Elite Bonus by USANA! I was just blown away with the amount that our company, USANA Health Sciences has distributed! It truly was life-changing! Take a look and be inspired!

Quintile 5 – 162,771.66$!
Quintile 4 – 273,566.38$ or P13.9M! Mayrong pinoy na nakapasok!
Quintile 3: 385, 189.46$ or P19.6M distributed to 12 associates!
Quintile 2: 497, 215.63$ or P25.3M! Solid!
Quintile 1 – or the Top 12 associates worldwide, they’re getting a piece of 707,988.34$

Laki no? Imagine Elite Bonus is being given EVERY 3 MONTHS! So that means if you are part of the Top 65 – you will get a piece of this humongous pie which is super awesome!

And take note, this is just one of the six ways to create the wealth that you want. In this short video, you can see the other ways.


Q: Dami ako kilala nagsimula dyan pero nagfail din naman…

A: Kahit saan naman may nagfe-fail eh. Sa pag-aaral, pamilya, relasyon, trabaho, negosyo, investment, atbp. Pero take note, marami ding nag-succeed! Not only in the PH but internationally! Instead of thinking baka mag-fail, why not think baka mag-succeed! 🙂

Again, what you focus on grows and multiply. If you focus on reasons why it will not work out or fail – guess what, it grow!

But if you think of reasons why you will succeed – guess what, you will also attract opportunities that will help you succeed! Walang magic, ganyan talaga mag-operate ang mundo natin. 🙂

Also very important reminder…

These associates were also once a beginner!

So, ano nga ulit yang USANA? Watch this short video and be amazed!

And if you’re looking for a coach with almost a decade of experience, ehem*** haha! Kindly check my track record and the post I made which is 11 Reasons why you should work with Kwing.

So grateful that God has led me to the statistics of my business and now I’m working hard towards helping those who trusted me to get the same results.

Photo of me and Rita Hui, A USANA 12 Star Diamond Director from Hong Kong and one of the Elite Bonus Quintile 1 Recipient. This photos was taken at Suntec City, Singapore last 2015. I will be one soon!

Again, you deserve so much better than what you’re experiencing. We sincerely wish for you to become healthy as well as wealthy this 2021!

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